Friday, July 27, 2012

Crude OIL COMPANIES Chinese energy giant push into the world top

With two billion acquisitions, the Chinese oil industry causes a stir. After purchasing the conglomerate Nexen by CNOOC, Sinopec, grabs 49 percent of the North Sea from Talisman Energy promotion.
A Sinopec gas station in Singapore.
China's Sinopec oil company bought up for $ 1.5 billion in the North Sea activities of Canada's Talisman Energy competitors. Sinopec acquire a stake of 49 percent, said Canada's sixth largest oil and gas company said on Monday. Together with the Chinese, they would form a joint venture. In the first quarter, Talisman promoted in the North Sea 89 000 barrels of oil daily. Overall, the company operates through its subsidiary British North Sea fields and operates 46 drilling rigs eleven.
Recession is positive
The stock market gives away the very best stock at rock-bottom prices

NATURAL GAS CARS safe as gasoline and diesel

Natural gas cars and gas stations meet high safety standards and are a result of accidents as safe as gasoline and diesel vehicles. The strict requirements of the ADAC tested in various crash tests.
More than five million transactions at gas stations tank go a year without an accident in Germany on the stage.

Berlin natural gas cars and gas stations to meet very high safety standards and are a result of accidents as safe as gasoline and diesel vehicles. The strict requirements of the ADAC tested in various crash tests. The result: whether front or side impact, the gas tanks remain intact in their place, because they are protected by a sturdy metal cage. Vehicle gas analyzer - Version 4 or 5 gas design, durable. The most cost-effective solution.

In addition, natural gas leaked from any collision. Therefore, the electromagnetic valves to ensure the tanks. In another test, the investigator deliberately put the vehicle on fire. This prevented the so-called "Fuse" the tanks, the uncontrolled escape of gas and the resulting explosion.

US natural gas reserves good for natural gas futures

U.S. Natural Gas Reserves: 516 Bcf above 5-year average- Washington, D.C.  The reserves of natural gas in the U.S. in the week to 6 July rose by 33 billion cubic feet. Thus, the amount is expected to increase about as much as 30 billion cubic feet was. In the previous week, the stocks increased by 39 billion cubic feet.
As the Energy Information Administration (EIA) today also announced that the entire natural gas reserves volume is currently in the U.S. 516 billion cubic feet above the 5-year average of 2619 and 548 billion cubic feet Bcf higher than last year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The German natural gas reserves sufficient for 70 days full supply

Hamburg. After the halt in supplies of Russian gas producer Gazprom to
Ukraine and the growing concern about possible repercussions in
Germany. Finally, gas with 22 percent of total energy consumption by
petroleum and coal, the third largest energy source in this country.
And Russia has a 35 percent share of Germany's total gas volume of the
largest importer. Another 24 percent come from Norway, 19 from the
Netherlands and six from Denmark and Great Britain. Only 16 percent of
the required amount of gas can be promoted within the country.
Five pipelines that pass through Ukraine, two are directly determined
for the country and now from Russia have been taken from the grid. The
remaining three are still in operation and provide Western Europe. The
Ukraine yesterday dismissed the allegation, the two-country gas now

Monday, September 5, 2011

Will continue to build more expensive

Building costs rose by 2.1 percent in July
Hammerschmied ditch Sell Jezek,

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Construction costs also go up in April
Construction costs rose less in March
Increase in construction costs has continued in February
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Construction mortgage costs continued to rise in August
Construction costs rose less in March
Construction costs fell in July for the second month in a row
Increase in construction costs has continued in February
Construction prices set in the first quarter clearly

Building has gone up again in July 2011. The cost of building the house and settlements increased by 2.1 percent. Compared to the previous month of June, the construction costs increased slightly by 0.1 percent, the Statistics Austria was announced on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

steam gas hydrocarbon reforming

28.7.2 Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming
This is also an endothermic process. The reaction takes place inside catalyst-filled furnace tubes. Heat is supplied to the tubes by furnace
firing. Almost any hydrocarbon can be used—natural gas, propane, butane. The objective is to make hydrogen. Most of the world's hydrogen is produced in this way. Half the hydrogen comes from steam and the other half from hydrocarbons. All of the carbon in the feed is converted to CO2 and vented. How hydrogen powered cars for sale will help global warming, I do not grasp.
28.7.3 Alkylation
This is a very exothermic reaction. Iso-butane and light olefines react to form iso-octane, a gasoline blending component with a 100 octane. That's where the word "octane" comes from. Reaction takes place at 50°F, in a liquid phase of either H2SO4 or HF acid.
28.7.4 Polymerization

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

natural gas processing handbook

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and ProcessingA reference that every engineer, scientist, and researcher working in the natural gas industry must have. The book covers subject areas missed by other books on natural gas engineering and manufacturing that have emphasized mainly the upstream aspects. The emergence of natural gas in a global market underscores the importance of